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Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Aldine, Tx

Posted by Mariios on December 31, 2020

Auto glass is the prime industry developed for safety and right protection. You probably realize how important the safety of the vehicle and your loved ones is.

What makes auto glass different?

The windshield consists of glass, which is quite susceptible to stones, rocks, and forces. For enhanced and proper protection, here at Blue Diamond, the AMA certified technicians ensure to include kinds of auto glass for increased protection.

Types of Auto Glass

There are two types of auto glass. Laminated and Tempered glass.

Laminated glass

The laminated glass is used primarily for the windshield and some door glass. The glass is safely made and consists of a layer of PVB in between 2 glasses. The heat and other chemical treatments make the PVB layer adhere rightly to the two layers of glass. Some vehicle or rock hit will result in just cracks and chips as the PVB layer remains intact. Our AMA approved workers work tirelessly to prevent any injuries by the breaking and shatter glass in multiple cities, including Aldine.

Tempered glass

The glass on back windows and side windows is made of tempered glass. The glass goes through certain cooling and heating processes that enhance the strength of the glass. It enables the glass to be fortified and strengthened. The major strength is obtained from the pressure difference between exterior services and the comparatively slower cooling rate in the center.


If your windshield or side or back glass has any chip or crack, you can get it checked immediately by Blue Diamond auto glass professionals. We ensure a deep analysis of the problem and get that fixed in the best possible way. The auto glass is where our expertise lies. The experts at blue diamond keep you along while fixing the issues regarding your vehicle’s glass. They make you acquainted with the methods and the ways they are fixing the issue. We are a shop on the wheels. You can call us anywhere to have the quality fix or come to us according to your convenience and ease.

December 31, 2020
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