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Sometimes, car owners face several problems related to the power window motor. These include:

If you encounter these problems, you must remove the power window motor from the regulator and replace it with a new one. You can remove and replace it in easy steps.

9 Steps To Remove Power Window Motor from Regulator

Your car’s power window motor is crucial for rolling the windows up and down. Any issue with this mechanism will make opening and closing the window difficult. This becomes especially frustrating during rain, snow, and sunny days. So, to avoid this frustration, you should follow these steps for car window motor replacement.

1. Gather the Tools and Material Needed

The next step is gathering the materials and tools necessary to remove or replace power window motor. Several of these tools will be available in your house.

2. Take Precautions Before Starting

Vehicle owners must take necessary precautions to avoid electric shocks and cuts on their hands from tools and sharp edges.

3. Removing Vehicle’s Door Panel

Now, you must remove the door panel to access the power motor. Here’s what you can do:

4. Get Rid of the Previous Power Window Motor

The next DIY power window motor removal step is removing the previous one.

  1. Initially, you must locate the power motor inside the door.
  2. Secondly, disconnect the motor from the regulator.
  3. Next, unscrew the nuts, screws, and bolts and carefully remove the window motor.

5. Check It for Wear and Tear

Sometimes, car owners might notice that the power window motor is in excellent condition, but the regulator is the issue. So, examining the regulator and motor before replacing them is crucial.

6. Fix the Issues or Decide to Replace

You should understand that you have two choices at this time. One is to replace or do car window motor repair form technicans. After assessing the damage to these parts, you have to make this decision carefully.

7. Install a New Power Window Motor

If you notice that the power motor is beyond repair, you must replace it. Do you remember that taking a picture of the attached power motor to the regulator was suggested? It will be used now because you can observe and reattach the motor to the regulator.

  1. You must reconnect the power window motor to the regulator by looking at the picture you took earlier.
  2. Once connected, you should secure the motor in the right place by screws and bolts.
  3. Do a final inspection to ensure the power window motor was removed from the regulator correctly.

8. Put Back the Car Door Together

The second last step is to reattach the door back.

9. Do a Final Inspection

When removing the power window motor, check to see if you have completed the removal and replacement process. Here’s what you should do:

  1. First, car owners must reattach the battery’s negative terminal.
  2. Then, start the car’s ignition.
  3. Now, roll the window up and down to ensure the issues mentioned previously are solved.

Reasons to Replace the Power Window Motor

Car owners should first learn why they need to remove the power motor. There can be several reasons that you might notice while rolling the window up and down.

Reason 1: You will notice that the window isn’t working. It is stuck in a particular position.

Reason 2: When moving the window, car owners will experience squealing and grinding sounds.

Reason 3: You might struggle to open the window, or the mechanism has become slow.

Reason 4: The power switch isn’t working.

Is the window motor part of the regulator?

Yes, in many vehicles, the regulator connects the power window motor. The regulator includes mechanisms like gears and cables that ensure the window moves up and down without any issues.

Can you repair a power window regulator?

Yes, you can repair a power window regulator. Common repairs include replacing worn-out components like cables, pulleys, or motor gears.

Can you replace a window motor without replacing the regulator?

It is possible to replace a window motor without replacing the regulator. If the regulator is still functioning properly but the motor is faulty, replacing just the motor can efficiently restore the window’s normal operation.


To summarize the discussion, car owners should know about removing the power window motor from the regulator. This will help avoid issues like a non-functional window, strange sounds, and slow operations. The removal steps include knowing the reasons, gathering the tools, and taking precautions.

Additionally, you must remove the door panel and the old power motor. You must check for signs of damage, install a new motor, reattach the door, and do a final inspection. You can also contact experts like Blue Diamond Auto Glass for professional auto glass repair service.

Replacing a window motor in your car might seem hard, but you can do it with a few basic tools. Just remove parts in order, take out the faulty motor, and put in a new one.

Electric windows have been in many cars for years and usually work well. However, if you hear grinding noises or the window moves slowly, the motor might have problems. If the window stops moving completely, it’s time to replace the motor from professional auto glass repair technicians. 

To successfully replace the window motor, you will need:

First, you must remove the door panel by carefully taking off the door handle and screws. Next, you have to access the motor by removing any plastic film and the window glass. Now, disconnect and remove the old motor. Install the new motor and reconnect all components. After the replacement, you may test the motor to ensure it works properly. Finally, reassemble the door by putting the plastic film back, reinstalling the glass, and securing the door panel with all screws and trim pieces.

6 Easy Steps To Replace Window Motor

Here are the detailed steps to guide you better. 

1. Take Off The Door Panel

The first step is to access the motor by removing the door panel. 

2. Access The Window Motor

The next step in replacing a window motor is to access the regulator as well as the motor. You must peel off any black plastic film in the way and set it aside. This film is weatherproofing and must be replaced before putting the door panel back on. If needed, you can remove the radio speaker to get better access to the motor. It is also recommended that the window glass be removed. The glass is held by metal pieces and bolts hence, it is advised to mark the glass position with a tape or marker, then loosen the bolts and gently lift out the glass, setting it aside safely.

3. Remove the Window Motor

Now, unplug the motor’s wires. Take out the bolts holding the motor. Carefully wiggle the regulator and motor out of the door.

4. Put In The New Motor

Now is the time to replace the window motor with a new one. Put the new motor and regulator inside the door panel. Attach them to the mounts. Tighten all the connections and pieces. Connect the electrical connectors.

After the motor and cable are bolted in, put the glass window back in place. Use the marks you made earlier to guide you. Tighten the bolts to secure the glass.

5. Check The Motor

Now, test the motor to see if it works. Make sure the window fits in the frame and closes properly on the weather stripping. If there are gaps, loosen the bolts and move the window gently until it seals tightly.

6. Reassemble Everything Back

The final step is to put back the plastic film and speakers, ensuring everything is in its place. Then, reattach the interior door panel by pushing in the retaining pins with a rubber mallet or your hand’s heel. Replace the bolts and all the trim pieces to secure the door panel firmly.


So this is how you can replace the window motor. It might seem tricky, but it’s manageable with basic tools. Electric windows are common and usually work well, but if they make odd noises or move slowly, it is an indication that the motor might be failing.

To replace it, start by removing the door panel carefully, access the motor and regulator, and remove the old motor. Then install the new one, test it, and reassemble the door panel securely with all parts in place.

If you find the process to be overwhelming, you can always seek professional help. At Blue Diamond Auto Glass, we can replace the window motor for you instantly and effectively with our advanced tools and the latest replacement procedures to ensure quality and precision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I know if my window motor is bad?

If your window won’t go up or down, makes strange noises, or moves very slowly, the window motor might be bad.

Q2. Can a power window motor be repaired?

Yes, a power window motor can sometimes be repaired, but often, it is easier and more reliable to replace it.

Q3. When to replace the window motor?

Replace the window motor if it stops working completely, makes loud noises, or doesn’t move the window properly.

In today’s modern vehicles, power windows have become a standard feature, offering convenience and ease of operation for passengers. However, when a power window stops working, there are several common power window malfunctions causes. The failure of the window regulator is responsible for smooth window movement. It can lead to malfunctioning. Another culprit could be a burned-out window motor, which provides power for window movement; therefore, replacement is necessary if the motor fails. Additionally, disconnected or loose wires within the system may interrupt the electrical flow, causing window failure; inspection and reconnection of damaged wires are crucial to restoring proper functionality.  If any of these causes happens then must consult with power window repair technicians.  

Unveiling Major Power Window Not Working Causes

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the common power windows not working and discuss possible solutions to rectify the problem.

Window Regulator Failure

One of the primary components responsible for the operation of a power window is the window regulator. When the window regulator fails, it can prevent the window from moving up or down smoothly, leading to a malfunctioning power window.


Replacement is often necessary if the window regulator is the culprit behind your power window failure. A professional auto technician can diagnose the issue and install a new window regulator to restore proper functionality to the power window.

Motor Burned Out

Another common cause of power window failure is a burned-out window motor. The motor provides the necessary power to move the window up and down. When the window motor fails, the power window may become stuck in one position or fail to respond to the switch’s commands.


If the window motor is the culprit, replacement is typically required to restore functionality to the power window. A qualified auto technician from a reputable company like Blue Diamond Auto Glass can assess the condition of the motor and install a new one as needed.

Electrical Problem

Electrical problems can also cause power windows to stop working. Issues such as blown fuses, faulty wiring, or a malfunctioning window switch can disrupt the flow of electricity to the power window system, preventing it from operating correctly. Get your power window working again by checking and replacing any blown fuses, inspecting the wiring for damage, and testing the window switch for functionality. If the issue persists, professional assistance from Blue Diamond Auto Glass may be required.


Diagnosing and resolving electrical problems require specialized knowledge and equipment. A professional auto technician can identify the causes of the power window not working through an inspection of the electrical system, identify any issues, and perform the necessary repairs or replacements to restore power window functionality.

Wires Are Disconnected

In some cases, a power window may stop working due to disconnected or loose wires within the window system. Vibrations, temperature changes, or accidental damage can cause wires to become disconnected from the window motor, regulator, or switch, interrupting the flow of electricity and preventing the window from operating.


Inspecting the wiring harness for any signs of damage or disconnection is the first step in resolving this issue. If any wires are found to be disconnected or damaged, they should be reconnected or repaired as needed to restore proper electrical connectivity.

How do I fix my power window not working?

To fix a power window that’s not working, check the fuse box to ensure the fuse for the window isn’t blown. If the fuse is okay, try operating the window from both the driver’s and passenger’s side switches. It may need replacing if it works from one switch but not the other. The motor or regulator might be faulty and require replacement if it doesn’t work from either switch. 

Why do power windows stop working? 

Power window not working causes include a blown fuse, faulty window switches, damaged wiring, a malfunctioning motor, or a worn-out regulator. Additionally, debris or dirt accumulation within the window track can hinder smooth operation. 

Why did my electric window suddenly stop working? 

An electric window may suddenly stop working for several reasons, such as a blown fuse, a malfunctioning window switch, a damaged motor or regulator, or wiring issues. Sudden failure can also occur due to wear and tear or exposure to extreme temperatures. 

Can I fix the power window myself? 

Yes, you can fix a power window yourself if you have some basic mechanical skills and the right tools. Simple issues like a blown fuse or a faulty switch can often be resolved DIY. However, for more complex problems involving the motor or regulator, it may be best to seek assistance from a professional mechanic or auto technician to ensure proper diagnosis and repair.


As we wrap up, several factors can prevent a power window from working, including window regulator failure, a burned-out motor, electrical problems, or disconnected wires. If you encounter a power window problem or identify a power window not working causes, don’t hesitate to consult a qualified auto technician to diagnose and resolve the issue effectively. Contact us at Blue Diamond Auto Glass for expert assistance in diagnosing and fixing your power window issues.

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