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Common Auto Glass Repair Methods

Posted by Mariios on February 24, 2021

Few things are more startling for a driver than hearing the loud snap indicative of a piece of road debris smacking into your windshield at high speed. Most of the time, the noise is just that—a noise. But occasionally, a chip or crack will appear in your windshield from one of these dangerous projectiles. When this happens, many people rush to assume their entire windshield will need replacing without considering any of the possible alternatives. Here are the three most common auto glass repair methods and when to use each.

Repair the Problem

For smaller and less obtrusive chips, patching the damage is the easiest of the common auto glass repair methods. Typically a DIY project, repair kits are available in many auto repair stores. Patching isn’t very popular with repair experts because there are various better options available. This method doesn’t bond the glass in any way but instead holds the pieces together.

Another option for repairing auto glass is to use resin. This is the favored method of professionals because it works more long-term than patching. The mixture is injected directly into the chip or crack before being heated up, hardening the resin and strengthening the glass. You can usually repair the glass when the crack fits under a dollar bill or if the chip is small enough.

Replace the Glass

The obvious decision when a deep chip or large crack appears is to replace the entire unit. Replacement is the best—and only—way to ensure the problem truly is resolved. Replacing the windshield is what you do when the other repair options simply aren’t enough. The job requires a professional team to ensure it’s done correctly and with the proper materials.


A good rule to follow is if the crack is larger than a dollar bill, you should replace the windshield. The same is true if you notice additional cracks or chips branching out from the original fissure. Both of these are serious situations that require the same radical solution. If your windshield has chipped or begun to crack, call in the specialists at Blue Diamond Auto Glass. We proudly offer windshield repair services and the surrounding area. Call us today to get your ride back on the road in no time.

February 24, 2021
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