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Houston Auto Glass Replacement and Repair

Posted by Mariios on November 17, 2020

When is Auto Glass Replacement and Repair Required?

If your car has a bullseye smaller than 1 inch or a crack shorter than 10 inches, then Blue Diamond Auto Glass in the Houston area can repair it. Whereas, if the auto glass damage is causing a hindrance in the driver’s visibility and it is not safe to drive, we suggest you replace your auto glass.

What aspects to consider for auto glass replacement and repair?


Although it is not dangerous to drive a car with an affected auto glass for a short distance, it must be repaired or replaced immediately using appropriate auto glass repair methods. If the driver’s visibility is compromised, then a better option is to replace the auto glass. The auto glass repair will not be able to wholly recover or reduce the damages of the auto glass and will weaken the glass further. Also, with a broken or damaged auto glass, the entire structural integrity of the vehicle would be jeopardized.


The auto glass replacement is much costly than a repair, however, it is the most effective and durable, and will not endanger anyone’s life. On the contrary, the repair saves you the time and money. Thus, fixing a crack right away will help prevent a bigger outbreak. Also, if the vehicle has insurance, the repair is most likely to be cheaper than usual. Blue Diamond Auto Glass in Houston and surrounding cities charges around $45 to $75 for rock chip repair.


If the damage is near the frame or penetrates trough the inner layer of the glass, Blue Diamond Auto Glass would highly suggest you replace your car glass. Repairing the glass is not effective, as it will only be timely and risky. Moreover, another collision or incident can prove to be a harmful impact on the vehicle, as well as the driver.

November 17, 2020
Written by
Blue Diamond Auto Glass
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