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How Auto Glass Rock Chips Are Repaired in Cypress?

Posted by Mariios on December 31, 2020

The origin of auto glass almost dates back to when the first automotive was manufactured (the auto glass was not part of the first vehicle, which was a mistake and was readily improvised and corrected. Cracks and rock chips can appear on any auto glass no matter how good the material used in auto glass manufacturing was or how carefully you drive the vehicle. Rock chips are different types of small chipping of your auto glass, especially windscreen. When any little piece of rock or hard matter hits your windscreen with force. Another factor contributing to rock chips on your windshield is whether the amount of rock has hit your screen with the correct angle, or in this scenario, the wrong angle. The common question of customers is whether a rock chip or crack is repairable or not. Blue Diamond Auto Glass, is here to provide you assistance in any matter regarding auto glass services in Cypress.

4 Tips To Repair Rock Chips

Rock Chip In Windshield is a common issue that many vehicle owners face. Rock chips are small rock parts hitting your windscreen with a particular force and angle that cause your windscreen to rupture and chip off some pieces of it. In most cases, small cracks and rock chips are repairable, but if the crack is too long, it is an indication for you to get your windshield replaced. Before we repair rock chips, we must fully understand what kind of rock chips we are dealing with. Following are the types of rock chips.

1. Star Chip

Star chips are the chips in which cracks branch outside from the main focus area, which gives it a star-type look. chips can only be repaired if the cracks are smaller than three inches and are repaired shortly after the chipping.

2. Bulls eye Chip

Bullseye chip is formed when the screen is hit such that it forms circled inside circles, the same as in the dartboard. It is repairable if the diameter of the chip is smaller than one inch.

3. Batwing Chip

Batwing chip is two cracks spreading out in a V-shaped direction similar to that of bats wings. It can also be repaired until the cracks are no longer than three inches.

4. Combination Break

It is a combination of two of the three above types or all three of them. It can be repaired until the crack is smaller than two inches in size. In any of the above cases, it is best to seek professional assistance as early as possible. The longer you ignore the chips of your windscreen, the more debris will get into the site of the chip, and you can compromise your whole windscreen.


At Blue Diamond Auto Glass, we repaired all the kinds mentioned above of auto glass repair. If you are in Cypress, you are in luck. We, at Blue Diamond, are glad to extend our services to you. We have highly trained professionals that give you a full response and analyze every single detail. Our expert technicians are always ready to assist you no matter where you are. We also have specialized mobile units that are fully equipped with high-quality material to repair or replace your windscreen anytime.

December 31, 2020
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