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How Long Does It Take to Replace a Windshield?

Posted by Mariios on May 24, 2024

The duration of windshield replacement can vary depending on various factors, including the weather, your car’s type, and the glue used. The replacement itself usually takes an hour, but depending on these factors, you might have to wait longer before driving. Another factor that can affect the windshield replacement timing is how experienced the technician is. If you get it done from a reputed company, the technicians will be able to do it faster and more efficiently.

At Blue Diamond Auto Glass, we have highly qualified and well-trained technicians who use advanced tools and follow the latest replacement procedures to ensure precision. 

Factors That Can Affect the time Duration To Replace a Windshield

The windshield is usually replaced in an hour. However, the factors mentioned below can affect the duration. 

How Complicated is the Windshield Repair Process?

How complex the windshield is can impact the time required for replacement a lot. Double-layer or laminated windshields have two glass layers with a strong vinyl layer in between. This vinyl keeps the glass together during accidents and stops people from being thrown out. 

But the time to replace it can vary based on the car’s details.

Are There Any Additional Features?

Another factor that can impact windshield  replacement time is the additional features your windshield offers. Newer cars come with lots of extra stuff like rain sensors, defrosters, and cameras. These need careful handling and take more time to set up. If they’re not put back just right, the car’s safety systems might not work well. So it’s important to calibrate them carefully.

The Type of Vehicle

Replacing the glass in older cars made before 2015 is easier because they have fewer fancy features and simpler windshields.

But newer cars built since 2016 are trickier to work with. They have more high-tech systems, so replacing their glass takes longer. Also, big vehicles like trucks or SUVs might need special tools.

Replacement Parts Availability

The availability of replacement parts also impacts duration period to replace windshield. If the windshield you need is easy to find, it won’t take long to schedule a replacement. But if it’s rare or special, it might take more time and cost more. This can make booking an appointment to fix your car window harder.

Experience of the Technician

Skilled technicians who are well-trained in auto glass repair services are essential for safe and quality replacements. Trusting professionals for this task is wise because they understand car glass damage and follow industry standards. They efficiently remove the old windshield, apply adhesives, and align the new one, ensuring a fast and quality replacement.


In short, it usually takes around 1 hour to replace a windshield. However, various factors can affect the time required. The factors include the type of vehicle, how complex the windshield is, whether it offers any additional features, the availability of replacement parts, and how experienced the technician is.

At Blue Diamond Auto Glass, we have a team of highly experienced and well-trained technicians who have undergone extensive training to handle various types of windshield repairs and replacements. They follow the latest replacement procedures and use advanced tools to ensure precision and that too at affordable prices. 

So, to ensure a seamless and smooth windshield replacement process, come to us. Contact us now to book an appointment, or visit our website for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to remove and install a windshield?

Getting your windshields fixed by a skilled auto glass pro usually takes less than 30 minutes. Replacing a windshield might take longer than that, but usually, it’s done in about an hour or less.

  1. How long does it take to replace a car windscreen?

Replacing a car’s windscreen usually takes 30 to 75 minutes. However, some windshield replacements may take up to 24 hours to dry completely. 

  1. How long does it take to replace a rear windshield?

Replacing your car’s back windshield can take 2-3 hours. It depends on your car type and the glass needed. The time also changes based on how skilled the technician is and whether they have the glass in stock.

May 24, 2024
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