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October 26, 2023


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Every aspect of your vehicle is designed keeping in mind the safety of the driver and the passenger. The glass used in the vehicle is no exception to this. The glass in your vehicle differs from your house's glass window. When applied by force, the house window's glass breaks into sharp glass pieces that can cause injuries. On the other hand, the vehicle glass is designed to provide maximum protection in any accident. There are two types of auto glass, either tempered or laminated. The front windshield and your vehicle's sunroof use laminated auto glass. All the other glass in your vehicle is made of tempered glass. The features and benefits of both types of auto glass are as follows:

Laminated Glass; Its Features and Benefits

  • The origins of the laminated glass trace back to the 1920s, when two sheets were stuck with the plastic sheet in between.
  • The glass was stuck by heating the combination, and as a result, the laminated glass was originated.
  • The laminated glass does not fly in small sharp-edged pieces when struck.
  • The glass does not fly/shatter after taking the heavy blow.
  • The laminated glass does not injure the passengers as it does not shatter.
  • Even if the person is forced towards the windshield. The laminated glass acts as a cushion.
  • The application of laminated glass is not limited to the windshield or the sunroof; it can be used.
  • Anywhere where there are possibilities of shattering or people running into it.

Tempered Glass; Features and Benefits

  • Tempered glass is designed to break into small round pieces so it does not injure anyone.
  • The tempered glass is more strengthened and more robust in comparison to the glass of the same thickness, which is not treated.
  • Tempered glass is used in the vehicle's side glass and rear windshield.
  • The laminated glass could also be used in the side windows and the rear windshield, but there is almost no possibility of one running into them.
  • The tempered glass is composed of a single ply by heating and then quickly cooling it. This process gives it the ability to shatter into tiny, sand-like, harmless pieces.
  • The tempered has many applications besides auto glass, such as in all the glass cooking utensils. It is also used in the sun glasses and the screens of certain tablets and mobiles.
  • The quality of tempered to shatter into many small round pieces makes it impossible for this kind of glass to be repaired.

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