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October 21, 2020

How To Choose an Auto Glass Replacement Company

Posted by Mariios on October 21, 2020

You know the sound—you’re driving along the highway when you hear a sudden “POP” as a rock smacks into your windshield, leaving a nice crack right in your field of vision. Then, you discover while trying to repair it that you are going to need to replace the entire windshield. Rather than going with the first company you find, here is how to choose an auto glass replacement company.

Ensure They Have a Good Reputation About Town

One of the first things you should do is to get recommendations from all the usual sources, including review websites, social media feeds, and in-person connections. If you keep reading or hearing the same statements about a particular place and begin to notice a theme, it is most likely accurate. Make sure to read reviews from all over the scale. You usually get more accurate information from ratings that are in the middle than those at the ends of the scale.

Verify Use of OEM Glass

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you want to make sure the shop that you go to uses OEM glass for their repairs. OEM stands for “original equipment manufactured” and is the same glass that factories on new vehicles. You want OEM glass because it is designed to the highest safety and visibility standards. The glass is also designed specifically for your vehicle, so you know that it will be the proper fit.

Verify the Workers

You don’t want just anybody repairing part of your car, especially a critical component like the windshield. You want workers who are trained and certified in auto glass repair and replacement. The company should send the crew directly to you for the repair and should do so around your schedule. Lastly, they should be able to give you specific information on the safe drive-away time (SDAT). This means they should tell you how long it will be before your vehicle is safe to operate on the road again. This normally varies depending upon the adhesive used and vehicle details.

This guide should show how to choose an auto glass replacement company that will meet all your needs. For windshield replacement in Houston, TX, call the experts at Blue Diamond Auto Glass. Proudly serving the city and surrounding communities, Blue Diamond will bring our 5-Star service to you today!

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