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How To Remove Rear View Mirror From Mount?

Posted by Mariios on April 21, 2024

Your vehicle’s rear-view mirror is super helpful to navigate without turning your head. It also allows drivers to maintain safety and remain aware of their surroundings.

Here are the tips that you can follow for the rear-view mirror extraction.

  • Prepare for mirror removal
  • Unscrew the mirror hardware
  • Melt the adhesive safely
  • Detach the metal pivotal point
  • Remove the rear view button

These are simple techniques to disconnect the rearview mirror from the mount. You may still feel unsure while applying them because it’s not a task for a DIY enthusiast. Therefore, you will need professional assistance for a perfect mirror removal. For this purpose, our experts provide the most efficient auto glass repair services.

How to Remove Rear View Mirror from Mount

Tip 1: Prepare for Mirror Removal

Initially, you must take safety measures to prevent potential mishaps. This defensive step helps to preserve the integrity of your vehicle’s interior. You may need to remove the wiring or other electrical components to prepare for the mirror removal. To do this, you can use a screwdriver to relocate harnesses from the vicinity.

Tip 2: Unscrew the Mirror Hardware

Some rear-view mirrors are tightly screwed to keep them in place. In that situation, you will need to employ a screwdriver to loosen the screws. You can start from the mirror base and move to other parts that should be loosened. After that, you can pull it off and mark the original position.

Tip 3: Melt the Adhesive Safely

There is a possibility that your vehicle’s rearview mirror may be attached with a strong adhesive. In that case, you will need something to melt the adhesive. For this purpose, you can use a heat gun or a blow dryer. Do not apply excessive heat because it can damage the mirror’s integrity. After melting the adhesive, you can remove the rearview mirror from its mount.

Tip 4: Detach the Metal Pivotal Point

In some vehicles, the rearview mirror is attached to the metal pivot point. A simple method can be used to remove the metal pivoted rearview mirror. To detach a pivoted mirror, rotate it about a quarter and then move the bracket up or down. If the brackets seem to be stuck, you can use a small hammer to loosen the bracket’s grip. 

Tip 5: Remove the Rear View Button

In the process of removing a rearview mirror from the mount, the last step involves detaching the rear-view button. Some people try to pull it off forcefully, which is not the right method. You can wipe the edges of the button with a cotton pad dampened in an acetone-concentrated solution. After applying it, let it settle for some seconds and then remove it slowly.

Tip 6: Seek Professional Assistance

Getting help from a professional is always a plus, especially when you are unfamiliar with a task. The same goes for rearview mirror removal, which requires much care and maintenance. To help out your ventures, we have highly experienced technicians at Blue Diamond Auto Glass. They offer their services according to your preferences and requirements.  

What are the benefits of a rear-view mirror?

The rear visibility is the primary benefit of having a rearview mirror. It helps a driver to view the area behind the vehicle without turning the head. Moreover, a rear-view mirror allows you to monitor other vehicles, traffic conditions, and obstacles on the way.

What if my rearview mirror fell off?

If your rearview mirror falls off in any collision, you can visit an auto parts store and buy mirror glue. Then, apply the glue to the mirror to attach it back to the windshield. Sometimes, you may need help from an auto repair shop to fix the rearview mirror.

How long does rear view mirror glue take to dry?

When applying super glue to a rearview mirror, hold it firmly to the windshield for at least 60 seconds. You must not push the button while adjusting the mirror. Plus, the rearview mirror glue takes about 30 minutes to dry.


All in all, the rearview mirror plays an important role in maintaining rear visibility and safety. If your vehicle’s mirror has broken or cracked, you need to remove it. These tips include mirror removal preparation, disconnecting the mirror hardware, melting the adhesive, removing the metal pivot point, and detaching the rear view button. Sometimes, you may feel unconfident in applying these techniques because it is not easy for a common person.

In such situations, you can seek expert assistance from professional technicians who can resolve all the windshield repair issues in your vehicle. For more information, visit our website or you can contact us today to get more knowledge about our expert rear view mirror replacement.

April 21, 2024
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