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How To Replace Windshield Wiper Blades Rubber Toyota Corolla?

Posted by Mariios on April 15, 2024

Visibility is undeniably the critical element you want to achieve while driving. This is especially important if the weather gets bad. Your Toyota Corolla wipers will ensure you can see perfectly by removing dirt, dust, debris, water, and snow from the windshield. It is best to replace the new wipers before long trips in bad weather.

The steps below illustrate how to replace the wiper blades in a rubber Toyota Corolla.

  1.   Find out the car model and the wiper size.
  2.   Collecting all the requisite tools and equipment
  3.   Make sure the car is parked in sight.
  4.   Carefully Take the wiper arms off
  5.   Protect the windshield
  6.   Remove the old ones
  7.   Clean the wiper arms and attachment points before replacing the windscreen wiper blades rubber.
  8.   Be careful when installing the new wipers
  9.   Put the Wiper Blades on the Windscreen once more.
  10.   See how your newly installed wipers will work.

How to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades Rubber Toyota Corolla?

The windshield wiper rubber blade replacement procedure is straightforward. However, one must exercise caution while replacing it to ensure one doesn’t accidentally destroy the windshield and cause poor vision while driving. Follow these Corolla wiper blade replacement steps to replace your old blades.

1. Determine the Car Model and Wiper Size

The first step car owners should take is determining the Toyota Corolla’s model and manufacturing year. Also, observe the wiper size already installed. The car’s manual will include the Toyota Corolla wiper blade removal information. The reason to focus on getting this information is to get the right wiper for your vehicle.

2. Collect all Necessary Tools and Equipment

After determining the correct wiper size according to the car model and year, you should collect the necessary equipment and tools.

  •         New windshield wiper blades compatible with your Toyota Corolla.
  •         A screwdriver set
  •         Soft cloth or towel
  •         The Car manual to learn about specific instructions
  •         A cardboard for windshield protection

3. Park the Car in Ample Lightening

When doing a DIY Toyota Corolla wiper blade replacement, you must park your car where there is ample light. The ideal place to replace the wipers is in a well-lit garage or outside. You will see all the components of the windshield and wiper.

4. Carefully Lift the Wiper Arms

It would be best if you lifted the wiper arms in a vertical position. Car owners can pull away the wipers until it doesn’t move any further. You can easily remove the rubber blades without damaging the wipers and windshield. Do not pull the wipers beyond their threshold because they might become loose from the joints.

5. Protect the Windshield

The next step in installing the Toyota Corolla windshield wiper blade is to protect the glass. You might accidentally drop the blades on the glass, or the wiper arm can fall on the windshield. So, place a cardboard or thick towel on it.

6. Take Off the Old Wipers

  1.   Locate the release button of the wiper blades.
  2.   You can find it where the arms are attached to the blades.
  3.   Press the button and slide the blade to detach it.
  4.   Use a screwdriver or wiper blade tool if Toyota Corolla wiper blade removal becomes difficult.

7. Clean the Attachment Points and Wiper Arms

The windshield replacement experts at Blue Diamond Auto Glass suggest cleaning the metal arms and wiper blades.

  •         Car owners can use a dry cloth to remove the dirt.
  •         Then, use a windshield cleaning solution to clean the wiper blades and metal arms.

This step will ensure proper windshield wiper blades and rubber replacement in the Toyota Corolla.

8. Cautiously Install the New Wipers

  1.   Align the new wiper blades with the wiper arms.
  2.   Ensure the blades’ adapter matches the arms’ attachment points.
  3.   Next, slide the new blades into place.
  4.   Listen for a click sound to ensure you have locked the blades onto the wiper arms.
  5.   Double-check for proper alignment before lowering the arms.

9. Place the Wiper Blades Back on the Windshield

Once you have ensured the wipers are attached to the metal arms, place them back cautiously on the windshield. It would be best to slowly place the metal arms and place them carefully on the windscreen. The wiper blades should make complete contact with the windshield.

10. Try Out the Newly Installed Wipers

The last step in Toyota Corolla wiper blade removal is to check if they are correctly installed.

  1.   Switch the ignition on.
  2.   Activate the wiper to test the blades.
  3.   Ensure they are correctly installed.
  4.   There should be no skipping or streaking.

Can you replace just the rubber on the wiper blades?

Sometimes, you can only replace the rubbers on the wiper blades. However, because of extreme damage, you should replace all the windshield wiper blades with rubbers in the Toyota Corolla.

How do you change the wiper blades on a Toyota Corolla?

You should lift the metal arms and press the release button to remove the blades. Attach the new blades and carefully place the metal arms back on the windshield.

How long does wiper rubber last?

The wiper rubbers can last from six months to a year.


Knowing how to replace windshield wiper blades rubber Toyota Corolla is necessary. Car owners must find the correct car model and wiper size, have all the tools and equipment, and park the car in a well-lit area. They should be cautious when lifting the wiper arms and make sure that they remove the old wipers and put the new ones carefully. Contact us today to seek help from experts to extend your knowledge.

April 15, 2024
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