Missouri City Windshield Scratch Repair And Replacement

Posted by Mariios on December 22, 2020

Missouri city is one of the dustiest areas in all of Texas. The dust storms there are most frequent among all cities and counties in the state of Texas. There has been a recent showdown of Saharan dust in Missouri city. The Saharan dust storm hit Missouri city after traveling worldwide, from The Great Sahara Desert to Missouri City, Texas, USA. If you love your vehicle and take care of its looks and cleanliness, this dust could be a nuisance to you. This dust can cause your car to be dusty and can also put scratches on your windshield.

The scratches on your vehicle’s windshield can be either because of storms or your hard windshield wipers. Scratches on your windshield may hardly be visible when the sun is down but irritate a lot when the sun is out. This windshield scratches repair is a must-do task for the safety of the driver and the passengers. These scratches disperse the sunlight or the headlights of the other vehicles and can cause accidents. Moreover, the danger of leaving cracks in your windshield can drive your new luxury vehicle to be old and not so attractive.

Scratch Repair with Blue Diamond Auto Glass

We repair your vehicle’s scratch by performing the following series of steps

  1. First, we determine the extent of the crack and examine how deep the scratch is. If the gash is deep enough to shatter the glass, you need a windshield replacement; otherwise, we move ahead.
  2. We then clean your windshield thoroughly with soap and water and ensure that no debris remains on the windscreen.
  3. Afterward, we put the rubbing compound (cerium oxide) on the scratches. For no debris to enter, we apply the rubbing mix after creating a vacuum.
  4. After treating the scratches, the car is left to dry in direct sunlight. Professional windshield repair services should follow to ensure safety and clarity.


At Blue Diamond Auto Glass, we provide repair and replacement services of all kinds of auto glass in Missouri city, may it be your windscreen or the vent glass, we have got it all. We have a specialized mobile repair and replacement service in Missouri city. Our mobiles consist of every material required for your vehicle’s auto glass replacement and repair. We have skillful technicians who ensure the quality of repair and replacement of your vehicle’s auto glass. Your safety and contentment are our topmost priority. At Blue Diamond Auto Glass, we promise the quality of material used in your vehicle’s auto glass repair and replacement.

December 22, 2020
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