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December 6, 2020


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Rear Windshield Replacement In Katy Texas

Your vehicle's rear windshield is of quite significance, but most of us don't fully understand the
importance of rear glass. The rear glass of your vehicle provides the mechanical strength to the vehicle's framework. Moreover, the rear glass of vehicles has a defrost grid and other devices connected to it. It also helps to seal off the water and air from outside to enter the vehicle. The rear glass of a car, unlike the windshield, is most commonly made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is designed to shatter in tiny, round sand-like particles to ensure the passengers' safety in the vehicle. The rear glass of a vehicle doesn't face other gradual forces. It is only damaged only as a result of accidents. We have expertise in replacing your leaking or shattered glass in Katy and surrounding cities.

There are three most common problems that customers face with their vehicle’s rear glass. Firstly,
leakage of the rear window or glass allows air and water to enter the vehicle. The second problem most people go through is that some rock or other hard thing has hit your rear window. The third and last problem is that you have met with an accident and your windshield is shattered.

How We Do It

We have expertise in repairing or replacing your leaking or shattered rear glass. Your rear window is the one connecting your car defrost system, and it also has other devices connected to or through it. We firstly disconnect all the connections going to or through it and then remove your windshield. Afterward, we clean and vacuum all the debris caused by the shattering of glass. Then we install the new rear glass and carefully restore all the connections of the rear glass. Then your vehicle is all set to hit the roads.
At Blue Diamond Auto Glass strives to provide you with quality service in Katy and surrounding cities. Your contentment is our topmost priority. We ensure to get you and your loved ones on the road with safety as soon as possible. Our common repair and replacement strategy is as following.

  • We first observe the kind of damage to your auto glass and determine whether it requires
  • replacement or repair.
  • We then, if replacement is required, remove all the technological grids and devices connections.
  • Afterward, we clean and vacuum all the debris and shattered glass
  • Then we carefully replace your old auto glass with a new one
  • In the end we ensure that all the connections are reestablished and the glass is fitted properly.
  • We also ensure that there are no air or water leakages.

Blue Diamond Auto Glass in Katy, TX

In Katy, TX, there are many auto glass repair and replacement services available, but why should you choose us? At Blue Diamond Auto Glass, we have both Drive-In and mobile replacement and repair services. We have different Drive-Ins located all around the area for your convenience. We have a specialized network of experienced and quick mobile services. Blue Diamond Auto Glass got it all; whether you’re stranded on a roadside or you are at the office, we come to you.

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