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February 1, 2020

Windshield Repair or Replacement? - What Is Best After a Hailstorm

Posted by Mariios on February 1, 2020

During hailstorm season nobody is safe from windshield damage. That said, what would be better? Repairing or replacing the windshield

When it comes to glass, cracks could be small enough to go unnoticed at plain sight. That’s why if you were caught by hailstorm our advice is contacting us immediately. Blue Diamond mobile services give you a convenient solution to prevent further damage to your windshield.

Once on-site, our technicians can check the extent of damage and offer you the optimal solution.

What criteria is used to determine what is best

Our technicians will suggest a solution based on the following aspects:

  • Level of damage:  in the event that large portions of your windshield have been damaged, then our suggestion will be to replace it.
  • Damage location: in case the windshield damage only consists of minor cracks or chips then our technicians will assess if the damage impairs the driver’s line of sight. For safety reasons, independently of the size of such crack or chip, if it threatens the line of sight then our advice will be to replace the windshield.
  • Cost-benefit ratio: even if the windshield can be safely repaired, our technicians will evaluate what is most cost-effective to you, repairing the glass or replacing it.
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