Windshield Replacement in Brookshire, TX

Posted by Mariios on January 5, 2021

A windshield replacement in Brookshire has never been easier. Windshield replacement is the heart of the auto glass industry. Though seemingly a piece of cake, windshield replacement requires special attention and calls for the need of professionals. Most of us, common folks, don’t know how to replace our windshield and hence are often in trouble when our windshield needs replacement, and we can’t drive our vehicle to the windshield replacement service in Brookshire. We, at Blue Diamond Auto Glass, are always ready to help in such difficult situations. We have specialized auto glass repair and replacement service on wheels.

Common Windshield Problems

Many of us know that our windshield is damaged or cracked, but how do we know that our windshield needs replacement? These are the cases in which you will need windshield replacement.

  • If your windshield is damaged in a road accident and the crack on your windscreen is
  • larger than 3 inches.
  • The extreme temperatures or the sudden shift in temperature can cause cracks to
  • appear in your windscreen.
  • If the windshield currently installed has loose fit and dirt and debris has entered the
  • layers of your windshield you are going to need a windshield replacement.
  • If your auto glass is of low quality, it will develop large cracks gradually.
  • Extreme changes in pressures can put enough stress on your glass to fracture.
  • Rock Chips though annoying aren’t a major problem but the rock chips can spread in
  • spider web type cracks that cause a need for a windshield replacement.
  • Storms are a major cause of damage to your windscreen. Hail storms carry a lot of small
  • particles with a pace that can produce rock chips and cracks in your windshield.

Our Assistance in Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement is a combination of a series of carefully carried out steps. These steps would be strenuous if carried out by one’s own self. With our mobile repair and replacement services, we can be called to any place in Brookshire. Our skilled technicians are all that you need for your windshield replacement. Your safety is our priority, and we ensure that all the steps are carried out carefully.

  1. Our skilled technicians first carefully remove the trim that is holding the windshield in
    place by help of a razor.
  2. Next, they remove the windshield by lifting it up from specialized suction cups to ensure
    that the screen doesn’t fall off.
  3. Next up we clean your vehicle's pinch weld. It is a place that holds the edges or corners
    of your windshield. We clean the pinch weld so the new windscreen can easily fit and
    ensure that it is firmly clamped between the pinch weld.
  4. Then we apply urethane on pinch weld. Urethane acts as an adhesive and binds the
    windscreen to the pinch weld. Urethane is applied very carefully and yet quickly, by our
    able staff, so that it does not dry before fitting in the windscreen.
  5. Your vehicle will be ready to drive in around an hour after the installation, which is
    enough for urethane to dry and your windscreen to settle


If you are in Brookshire or in proximity, give Blue Diamond Auto Glass a call to fix an appointment with our repair and replacement services. Our priority is the comfort of our customers. Just book an appointment and receive our specialized services at your doorsteps.

January 5, 2021
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