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Can You Replace Manual Windows With Power Windows?

Posted by Mariios on March 25, 2024

Power windows are becoming increasingly popular each day as they are a more accessible, more convenient alternative to manual windows. You can entrust your car to a power window repair expert or you can DIY it. It entirely depends on how you want it. But the short answer is yes; replacing manual windows with power windows is possible! 

The installation process includes:

  • Buying a power window kit.
  • Removing the door panel.
  • Installing the mechanical regulator and wiring it properly and;
  • Adding the switches

Things You Need To Know to Replace Manual Window with Power Window

Getting your manual windows replaced with power windows is possible. Many auto parts sellers sell customized kits with complete instructions to help you with the process. But one should know a few things before replacing your vehicle’s manual windows with power windows. 

  • Installing power windows in your car requires retrofitting different wirings into your vehicle’s doors and installing switches and automatic devices. 
  • All these things are meant to be done by considering your vehicle and its components because, like humans, every car is unique in its own way.

How To Install Power Windows?

If you want to replace your manual windows with power windows by yourself, follow these steps carefully. 

Step 1: Buy a Power Window Kit

First thing first, you need to get your hands on a power window kit for your specific car model. These kits come with detailed instructions on how to use them. Read and follow all the instructions carefully. And before starting, make sure you collect all the tools and equipment you’ll need throughout this journey.

Step 2: Remove The Door Panel

Removing a door panel from a car may seem like a difficult thing to do, but it’s pretty simple. You can find a variety of door panel clips and clip removal tool kits at reasonable prices. After removing the screws, firmly hold the panel with your hands at the top and bottom, and give it a good shake to ensure all fastening screws have been removed before pulling it off.

Step 3: Gain Access

Once the door panel is removed, you can access the door openings. This is where you’ll see and analyze how you’re going to adjust the wirings in the door panel and how you’re going to make space for installing the power window mechanism.

Step 4: Wiring and Mechanical Regulator

The main steps are installing the regulator and doing all the wiring. You can follow the instructions on your power window kit to add the regulator and fix all the wirings. Before poking around with the wires, make sure to disconnect your car battery. Prevention is always better than cure. Move with caution and make sure everything fits right. 

Step 5: Test The Wiring And Add The Switches

After finishing your car’s wiring, the next step is to test it. Connect the car battery and check if everything is working correctly or if you missed anything during the process. If you face any difficulties, reread the instructions carefully and try again. Remember, mistakes can happen, but they can always be fixed.

Once the wiring issue is fixed and everything’s working as it should, move towards adding a switch to operate your power windows. Most kits come with a plastic case, which will likely fit in place of the existing hole for the window operators. But if not, you’d have to drill a hole in the door to fit in the switch.

Step 6: Repeat The Process

You need to follow the same steps for the other three windows, and voila! You’re done replacing your manual windows with power windows. Fix all the loose screws and wiring, and you’re good to go with your all-functional power windows!

Is it Good to Get Power Windows Installation Services From Experts?

Taking your car to auto glass repair professionals technicians to replace manual windows with power windows is the right move for any car owner.  The professionals assess your vehicle in detail and choose the most suitable power window mechanism for your and your car’s needs. Leaving your car in experts’ hands is always the right call, significantly when wiring is involved. You will have peace of mind knowing that your car is being taken good care of.

How much does it cost to change manual windows to power windows?

The cost of replacing manual windows with power windows relies on factors like your car model, number of windows, type of power window kit, labor costs, etc. You can get an estimated cost by contacting the people at the repair shop.

Is manual cheaper than automatic?

A manual transmission will cost you about a thousand dollars less than an automatic of the same model. So, if you’re purchasing a car, a manual is definitely cheaper than an automatic.

What are the advantages of a power window?

Power windows let drivers control it with just one press of their fingers. It is also great for people with hand injuries as it doesn’t strain the wrists.


Replacing your car’s manual windows with power windows is a complex process, but you can still DIY it. By choosing the suitable power window kit and following the instructions, you can work your way through it without any hurdles. But you can also hand over this task to a professional and be at peace that it’ll be a job well done. Contact us today 832-773-2220, Here at Blue Diamond Auto Glass, we’re always here at your service!


March 25, 2024
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