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What are the types of Heads-Up Display?

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What are the types of HUDs?

So that is a HUD display. But did you know there are different types? My granddaughter says it reminds her of Pokemon, honestly I don’t see it but then again the only one I know is that yellow rat. Well not really, but there are 3 different evolutions. The most common and the most comfortable is the in-car HUD display; this version simply displays the needed information on the windshield via augmented reality. Personally, this is my favorite type and the one that I think will become most popular in the future. Then we have the HUD apps; Most cars still don’t come with a pre-installed HUD. Instead, you need to spend a little extra for that feature or you can get around it by simply downloading an app. Finally, we have the third-party options; these guys essentially work the same way as your HUD app.
Advantages of having HUD
Helps you avoid turning your head to various places in search of different information. Be it speed or navigation, you have it all at a single place i.e. on the HUD. Eyes tend to re-focus faster on the road when you take your eyes off the HUD. You get all the information that you need while driving at a single place so you are not distracted from the road by your mobile or those fancy dials in the MID. Significantly reduces driver’s fatigue because they don’t have to struggle looking for information inside the car and can focus more on the road.
Disadvantages of having a HUD
More development is required. Each and every vehicle cannot have HUD because they don’t have the required controls making it a hard to implement the technology.
It significantly adds on to the cost of the vehicle. If the brand decides to make it a standard feature, they will have to put in money. Rather than being a convenience, this can be a distraction to some as well. Yes, some drivers don’t prefer using the HUD because they feel that the display distracts them rather than providing them with any useful information.
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