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How To Calibrate Camera After Windshield Replacement?

Posted by Mariios on March 25, 2024

A Windshield and a Car Camera are closely linked. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is becoming popular among many cars with sensors and cameras. This module mainly considers the safety of vehicles and pedestrians by noticing a car or a person blocking its path. Here’s how you calibrate the camera after windshield replacement:

  1.   Verify vehicle make and model.
  2.   Prepare the car for calibration with proper lighting conditions.
  3.   Connect the calibration device to the car’s diagnostic port.
  4.   Adjust the camera if needed.
  5.   Verify the successful calibration through a test drive.
  6.   Maintain documentation for transparency and future reference.

Reasons for Calibrating Car Camera After Windshield Change: Ensuring everyone’s safety, providing accurate and reliable data, ADAS compliance, and saving money and time.

Easy Steps to Calibrate Camera After Windshield Replacement

Camera and windshield calibration becomes complicated if it is not done correctly. This procedure requires trained technicians, specific equipment, and the knowledge of the proper steps to follow. So, if your car has sensors and a camera installed, windshield calibration becomes vital. The trained technicians will follow the steps mentioned below for the process.

Step 1. Checking the Vehicle Make and Model

The very first thing they will do is check the model and make of your car. Car owners should provide this information when they schedule the replacement service. This will help the technicians prepare for the calibration because vehicles have different requirements, and understanding them will ensure the calibration is done correctly.

Step 2. Preparing the Car for the Calibration Process

The next step of replacing windshield and camera calibration procedure is also crucial. The car should be parked flat, and all tires should have the same air quantity and sufficient room around the vehicle and equipment. The technicians will also properly investigate the camera and census in the car to ensure the equipment is damage-free and clean.

Step 3. Connecting the Device to the Car

A proper connection between the car and the calibration device is essential for appropriately diagnosing and adjusting the settings. Once the connection is established, the equipment will communicate with the vehicles on the computer to analyze which ADAS features should be calibrated.

Step 4. The Camera is Readjusted if Required

The system might identify maladjustments when the technicians initiate the calibration process. The equipment will guide the technicians through the camera and windshield calibration steps. This involves adjusting the settings between the sensors and cameras, ensuring the accuracy of camera readings.

Step 5. Verification of the Calibration Process

Often, car owners don’t go through this step of proper camera alignment after windshield installation because they are very sure that calibration is well-adjusted.

However, experts suggest verifying the whole process to ensure no issues. This step involves taking the car for a test drive and checking whether the sensors and cameras are in perfect harmony.

Step 6. Providing Proper Documentation

In the final step, the technicians will write down every process step and create the proper document. This will include adjustments, verification tests, and other relevant details. This will ensure the maintenance history is up to date for future reference.

Why do Camera Calibration Post Windshield Replacement?

After replacing auto front glass by experts, car owners might forget to calibrate their cameras. Although this is not a big issue, avoiding this process could bring a lot of problems while driving. Here are a few reasons to hire experts for camera and windshield calibration:

1. Enhancing Everyone’s Safety

Data accuracy is vital for ADAS features like collision avoidance, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking. If calibration is not done correctly, this might lead to accidents and significant injuries. However, proper calibration will ensure the safety of everyone on the road and in the car.

2. Accuracy and Contributing to Reliable Data

The camera and sensor accuracy are significant because the ADAS system relies on it. As part of the windshield, the sensor and camera gather information from the vehicle’s surroundings. The misalignment of the camera and sensor will send incorrect information, thus resulting in malfunctioning warning signals.

3. Compliance with the ADAS System

Sometimes, vehicle manufacturers demand that the camera be calibrated after windshield replacement. This ensures that ADAS system compliance is maintained. However, if the owners of the cars don’t run the calibrating program, then the warranty voids, and the safety features become compromised too.

4. Protecting Car Owners against Unwitting Repairs

Accuracy will enhance car safety and the safety of people. However, avoiding camera calibration steps after changing windshield might lead to accidents. This will result in car damage and injuries that might cost you a fortune. However, car owners can avoid unexpected damages and repairs by having their cameras calibrated.

What is the windshield calibration process?

Car owners should learn how to calibrate cameras after windshield replacement. The technicians will prepare the car, connect the equipment, verify the process, and document it. Learning about the process will provide satisfaction that the procedure is done correctly.

Does the camera need calibration after windshield replacement?

Sometimes, it might happen that the camera and sensor don’t work after replacing windshield. This might cause issues and lead to accidents. So, hiring an expert technician becomes necessary.

Is ADAS calibration necessary after windshield replacement?

ADAS calibration is required to ensure safety, receive reliable and accurate data, comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines, and avoid unexpected repairs.


Learning to calibrate a camera after a windshield replacement is vital because car owners can ensure car and people’s safety, provide accurate and reliable data, comply with the car’s manufacturer and ADAS system, and save from unexpected repairs.

March 25, 2024
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