How To Fix A Chip In Your Windshield?

Posted by Mariios on March 25, 2024

To fix windshield chip issues, you should start by purchasing a windshield repair kit. Clean the glass around the chip and ensure no particle is left off on that surface. Then, apply the patch and plastic base from the kit. Additionally, inject the epoxy resin into the chip and wait for it to cure. It usually takes 1-2 hours. Carefully remove any excess epoxy and clean the glass to ensure it looks like nothing happened on that spot. Windshield repair kits provide all the necessary tools to help you fix it effectively. Yet, it is advisable to seek professional auto glass repair experts.

5 Steps To Fix A Chip In Your Windshield

Some of the most effective ways to fix your windshield chip issue are as follows:

Step 1. Buy A Windshield Repair Kit

When it comes to fixing a chip in your windshield, the first thing you should look for is a high-quality repair kit. It will help you fix a chip in your windshield more effectively than typical ways. This kit consists of all the necessary tools that can help to fix windshield chips.

Step 2. Clean The Glass Around Chip

Gently cleaning the glass around the chip or crack will help you understand the severity of the chip. You would be able to figure out if it could vanish simply by cleaning.

Step 3. Apply The Patch And Plastic Base

You should paste the sticky patch and plastic base that comes with the windshield repair kit and ensure no particles are left on the windshield.

Step 4. Inject The Epoxy Resin On The Chip

Inject the epoxy resin into the chip of your windshield. Remember, use the epoxy resin included in the windshield repair kit.

Step 5. Wait For It To Cure

After applying the epoxy, wait at least 1-2 hours for it to properly cure, then remove the plastic base. Also, ensure no excessive epoxy is applied to the chip. If you applied more epoxy than needed, clean the glass immediately.

Preventive Measures You Should Take

1. Park Your Car In A Sheltered Place

Parking your car in a sheltered place, like a garage, is one of the most effective preventive measures to ensure your windshield safety. It will also keep your car away from direct sun exposure, which can become a cause of cracks on your windshield.

2. Get Your Windshield Installed By A Professional

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your car windshield, getting them installed by auto glass experts is one of the best ways to do so. These professionals have the skills and expertise to install a new windshield in the car carefully, ensuring there are no chip or scratch issues.

Can I fix a chip in my windshield myself? 

Yes. The smaller the chip, the higher the chances of a successful DIY repair. With a DIY windshield repair kit, you can repair windshield chip issues easily.

Can a stone chip in the windshield be repaired? 

Most stone chips and cracks can be fixed, but it depends on the size and severity of the crack or chip on the windshield. You shouldn't wait too long to fix the chip or crack issue, as delaying taking measures may increase the severity of the chip, and you might require full windshield replacement.

How much time does it take to fix a chip in a windshield? 

When it comes to the time duration required to fix a chip in your windshield, it depends on the severity of the issue and the availability of the supplies needed to fix it. With the necessary supplies available, on average, it can take 30 minutes to a few hours. 

Will the chip be completely invisible after repair? 

The visibility of the chip on the windshield after getting repaired depends on the level of precision and professionalism done to fix the issue and improve the appearance of a chip. It is unlikely that a chip can get invisible from the windshield after fixing it. However, the repair should prevent the chip from spreading and restore structural integrity to the windshield.

Final Thoughts

Fixing a chip in your windshield is like giving it a little band-aid to help it heal. By following the simple steps like buying a windshield repair kit, cleaning the glass around the chip to ensure no particles are left off on the surface, applying the patch and plastic base from the kit, injecting the epoxy resin on the chip, and lastly, waiting for it to cure, you can make your windshield strong again without spending a lot of money.

Once your windshield is all fixed up, you can drive knowing you did a good job and that it'll keep you safe on the road. Furthermore, it is essential to take preventive measures to ensure your car's windshield safety by parking your car in a sheltered place like a garage and getting your windshield installed by a professional.

March 25, 2024
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