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How To Replace Windshield Wiper Rubber?

Posted by Mariios on March 25, 2024

Having good windshield wipers is super important for safe driving, especially when it’s raining or snowing. But sometimes, the rubber part of the wiper gets old and doesn’t work well anymore. The good news is that you can replace just the rubber part without having to buy a whole new wiper blade!

To replace windshield wiper rubber, stand the arm of the wiper in a standing-up position once the wiper is straight up. Next, notice the hook or clip from where the rubber blade is connected with the wiper arms. Hold and squeeze the latch and gently slide away the rubber from the wiper arms. Attach the new rubber through the same hook or clip you pulled out the rubber from. Make sure while you’re attaching the blade that it is correctly positioned and fixed in the windshield wiper arms for safe use. 

Steps To Replace Windshield Wiper Rubber

Some of the most effective ways to replace windshield wiper rubber are as follows:

1. Stand Up The Arm Of The Wiper

Standing up the arm of your wiper is the first step you should take. This practice will help you get easier access to the wiper blades.

2. Remove The Blade

Once the windshield wiper arm is up, you’ll notice a rubber blade attached to the arms of the wiper through a small clip or hook. Identify that and carefully press or squeeze the latch to slide the blade away from the arms.

3. Insert The New Wiper Blades

Once you pull out the older wiper rubber, insert the new rubbers inside the wiper arms from where you removed the previous blade. Make sure that it is perfectly positioned and properly attached.

Why It Is Important To Replace Your Old Wiper Blades With New One?

Over time, the functionality and appearance of your windshield wiper blades fade away. Therefore, to keep your car windshield protected from scratches, it is very important for you to know how to replace windshield wiper rubber with new ones. 

To keep yourself and your passengers safe, it is vital to get your wiper blades replaced regularly. It also helps you keep the visibility level of your windshield at its best!

Can you replace just the rubber on a windshield wiper? 

A1: Yes, you can replace just the rubber part of a windshield wiper. It’s called a wiper blade refill, which you can easily buy from a reliable auto glass repair shop. 

How do you remove rubber from wipers? 

A2: To remove the rubber from the wiper, you need to stand the arm of your windshield initially. Once it is up, you need to hold the clip of the wiper from which the rubber is attached after you slide away the old rubber from the wiper arms. Just attach the newer blade to the same clip you removed the older blade from. When you attach the new rubber, make sure it is properly attached and fixed to ensure safe use!

Is it better to replace the wiper blade or rubber? 

A3: It depends on the condition of your wiper blade. If the blade is damaged or worn out, it’s better to replace the windshield wiper rubber entirely. But if the rubber part is the only problem, you can just buy a wiper blade refill and save your hard-earned money. 

Can I replace my wipers by myself? 

A4: Yes, replacing a windshield wiper is one of the everyday DIY car maintenance practices of car owners. It’s a simple process that involves removing the old wiper blades and installing the new ones. Most wipers come with easy-to-follow instructions for DIY replacement as well.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to replace your windshield wiper rubber is crucial to ensure driving safety and visibility. By following the steps like lifting the wiper arm, removing the old blade, and inserting the new one, you can make sure that your windshield wiper blades are functioning at their full potential. Remember, it’s always a good idea to replace windshield wiper rubber once a month to keep your windshield clear!

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March 25, 2024
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