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November 30, 2020

Questions To Ask an Auto Glass Repair Shop

Posted by Mariios on November 30, 2020

One of the biggest stressors that can come with vehicle ownership is when your car becomes damaged. This can be especially troublesome if the damage is to your windshield, preventing the safe use of the vehicle. When this happens, it is important to find an auto glass repair company that you can trust to perform the repair or replacement. Here are four questions to ask an auto glass repair shop before letting them work on your car.

Does the Repair Company Offer On-Site Work?

Driving a damaged vehicle can be dangerous. This is especially true if the damage is obstructing your view. You ideally want to make sure that the company is willing to perform the work at your location to avoid any unnecessary risks. You can even have the work done while you are working in your office or lounging around your home.

What is the Company’s Certification Process?

The next thing you will want to ask is regarding the certification process that employees must complete before being allowed to work on customers’ vehicles. You should also confirm that there will be two technicians on site. This allows for protection against mistakes and ensures that the process is completed properly.

What is the Quality of Products That Repair Technicians Use?

Another important question to ask an auto glass repair shop is about the quality of the auto glass that they will be using to replace or repair your damaged piece. You ideally should select a service provider that deals exclusively in original equipment manufactured (OEM) glass because it is the same as what comes standard from the automotive factory. This is also the best way to ensure that the glass is the right specifications for your vehicle without needing to cut or resize it.

What is the Waiting Period Before Being Able To Drive Again?

The amount of time that you should wait before driving the vehicle again will be determined by the process necessary to repair or replace the glass. Other factors that can impact the recommended safe drive-away time include temperature, humidity, and the type of adhesive used. While some repairs can allow for a minimum drive-away time in as little as 20 minutes, more invasive repairs can require the vehicle to sit for several hours to give the adhesive time to set. Always be sure to talk to the technicians who are performing the work on your car to get the most accurate information about how long they recommend waiting before safely taking to the road again.

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