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December 18, 2020

The Dangers of Leaving Cracks in Your Windshield

Posted by Mariios on December 18, 2020

Every year, millions of Americans are involved in car accidents that lead to injuries, sometimes serious. Often, these accidents result from distracted driving or other factors that don’t originate from roadway conditions. One of these distractions is a cracked windshield. Here are some examples of the dangers of leaving cracks in your windshield.

Structural Stability

One of the key safety features of a windshield is that it can help maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle during a car crash. A windshield is designed to absorb as much of the collision as possible while protecting the people and things inside of the car.

Ejection Risk

Another reason to avoid windshield cracks and chips is the risk of an ejection. While every passenger should wear a seatbelt, some people forget or choose not to. An undamaged windshield prevents people from being ejected onto the road during a crash. Cracks in the glass will negatively the windshield’s ability to prevent a total break and ejection.

Distracted Driving

You should never let yourself get distracted while driving, regardless of the cause. Common examples of distractions include cell phones, food, passengers, and events going on outside of the car. Anything that can impair the driver’s performance constitutes distracted driving, and that includes a chipped windshield. You can’t fully focus on driving if you get distracted by a crack.

Against the Law

It may be against the law to drive with a chip or crack in your windshield, depending on where you live. Many cities and states have ordinances that prohibit the operation of a motor vehicle if it has a broken or chipped windshield. Be sure to check with local authorities before driving a vehicle that poses a threat to yourself and others.

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